Friday, September 2, 2011

For a Song: Indigo Rose

Salamander Crossing: Indigo Rose


This blog is my space to play some music that I love for whoever cares to listen. And Indigo Rose is a choice I can certainly live with. The song comes from what would be Salamander Crossing’s last album, Bottleneck Dreams, and it is a beautiful bittersweet contemplation of lost love. The extended metaphor of the deep blue flower is perfectly rendered, and lead singer Rani Arbo gives the song all the emotion it needs in an understated performance that is stronger for it.

But Oliver di Place is also my space to get things about music off my chest. Salamander Crossing were hailed as a bluegrass band while they were together. I don’t hear it at all. Nowadays, this music would be called Newgrass, and that is one of my least favorite genre labels. Basically, you can make any music at all using bluegrass instrumentation, and it’s newgrass. So, the label is almost meaningless. In my next post, I have in mind to take a look at some of the variety of music that fits this very loose description. Stay tuned.