Monday, March 16, 2009

Drunk on Love

Over at Star Maker Machine, we just finished a week of drinking songs. In choosing my songs to post, I considered the selections below. However, I decided that neither one qualified as a true drinking song. That’s because no alcohol is consumed in either song. In each case, the narrator is saying that they don’t need to get drunk at all, because they are already drunk on love.

Ella Fitzgerald: I Get a Kick Out of You


Very little needs to be said about this one. Cole Porter’s classic song becomes a classic cut for Ella. This represents the perfect mating of song and singer.

The Kingston Trio: Scotch and Soda


A while back, I wrote about how The Weavers’ career was cut short by the blacklist. Ironically, the music they pioneered, small combo pop-folk was about to become a huge pop music phenomenon. Following the demise of The Weavers, there came a wave of these groups onto the charts. One of the most popular was The Kingston Trio.

Oddly enough, the best survey of this scene, and the musical styles within it, that I know of was created as a gentle and affectionate spoof: the movie and soundtrack of A Mighty Wind.