Thursday, July 22, 2010

For a Song: Family Groove

The Neville Brothers: Family Groove


Today was a very good day. I leave tomorrow for the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, where I will be meeting two of my fellow Star Makers for the first time. So I’m excited. Also, my wife and I celebrated our anniversary today. 19 years, how did that happen, and when? We went to see Inception, a major mind-twister of a movie, and very well done. Then, for dinner, we went to our local Hibachi grill. We traditionally celebrate by doing things we can’t do with the kids along, and this was a fine example. So I feel like partying. The best music of the Neville Brothers is always a party, and Family Groove is no exception. Here, Cyril Neville pays tribute to the tradition of music making in his family. What could be more appropriate?


Blog business: I am leaving tomorrow for the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, and I will be gone until Sunday late. In my absence, my friend and fellow Star Maker Geoviki will be handling the weekend post here. It’s my first guest post, and I previewed it, and it’s good one. I still welcome your comments, but I won’t be back to moderate them until Monday, so be patient. And please do leave comments for Geoviki, to let her know what you thought of her post. Also, I will not be able to work on next week’s album review over the weekend. So next week will start with a For a Song post, and the review will appear at midweek.