Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For a Song: Old Simon Stimson

Peter Mulvey: Old Simon Stimson


Last week onStar Maker Machine, our theme was Similes. Because the title of this song is not a simile, it was not eligible. But Old Simon Stimson uses skewed similes in a way that shows that Peter Mulvey has a talent for irony and a wonderfully sly sense of humor.

Old Simon Stimson was my introduction to the music of Peter Mulvey. I was drawn in first by the irresistible groove. I only discovered the lyrics later. Since then, I have further explored Mulvey’s music. He is now on my short list of artists who I can always trust to deliver the goods.


RDE said...

maybe it's blatantly obvious but would you mind saying what exactly you think this song means?