Monday, June 15, 2009


Sly and the Family Stone: Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)


Z Z Top: I Thank You


Bonnie Raitt: Thank You


So this is it. Oliver di Place is now back in business. I have my new file host. You can see the new look. The gadget to display recent comments is not working yet, but I decided that I have waited long enough. So will fix that on the fly as we go forward. After all, my readers and listeners have also waited long enough. Thank you for your patience.

The blog you now see is my baby, and I take full responsibility for the content you see and hear. But were it not for the help of many people, Oliver di Place would not exist. Or, I might have packed it in instead of fixing what I needed to, and making my return. So I would like to take a moment to thank those many helpers.

I first became a blogger because of the kindness of the folks at Star Maker Machine. They took me in, first as a guest poster, and then they taught me how to do it myself. Three fine gentlemen in particular aided me back then. Thanks goes out to Boyhowdy, Paul, and Dean. These same gentlemen, as well as Nelson, Brendan, Payton, and BWR, provided invaluable assistance when I launched Oliver di Place. Thank you again. Folks on Star Maker who I have not mentioned have provided friendship, as well as teaching me about music I would never have heard otherwise.

When I decided to redo Oliver di Place, I received additional help from unexpected sources. My friend Dave I from work led me to the site where I got the new template for the blog. Dave, your help has been, and continues to be, invaluable. Thank you so much. George, also from work, overheard a conversation one day, and the next day, I had valuable links in my e-mail. Thank you. And Klodian, from the Google help groups, held my hand through acouple of panics, and is a big reason that almost everything is now working. Thank you.

So, for most of you, this is probably the most boring post you’ve ever read here. I apologize, but I needed to say it before going forward. I hope the songs make up for it. Normal posting will now resume, with a For a Song post later this week. And the next album review is one that I am very excited about. I hope you all enjoy it too.


Nicolas said...

Oliver di Place is looking great while still familiar (which is the best thing you could do)

and I didn't find that post so boring !

Waiting to hear more here and at SMM !

Ralph said...

Love the new look (same as mine!) and this is not a boring post. Personal housekeeping details add flesh to the bones of Darius. Looking forward to your always insightful efforts.

Darius said...

At further risk of being boring, thank you both for your kind words.

Susan said...

Hey, Darius ~

Welcome back to the world of blogging (on a consistent basis... :-) - I know you've had your share of difficulties... which I'm sure are far behind you now... so you can continue to share your great taste in tunes and evident love of music with us!