Wednesday, April 1, 2009

For a Song: “The Hick-it Song”

I hope to make For a Song a regular feature here. Each post will explain the significance of one song in my life.

The story behind today’s song is true. But it still seemed like a good story to share on April 1. And just to make it more fun, I have left the name and artist out. As you read the story, you’ll see why.

My son is five years old now, but this happened a couple of years ago. My wife and I do most of our music listening in the car. And for this purpose, I have made up sampler discs of various musical genres. When we have the kids in the car with us, we play these samplers if they let us, but we have also put together a collection of kid’s music CDs that are still tolerable to listen to if one happens to be an adult.

One day, the whole family got in the car, and my son immediately demanded to hear “The Hick-it Song”. None of us ever heard of it, but my son makes up his own titles for songs all the time. So, we had a challenge on our hands. What was “The Hick-it Song”? For the following week, we worked our way through our entire collection of Kid’s CDs, asking my son, “Did you mean this? Did you mean this?” No luck. And he grew more and more upset. What could it be? Then, one day I thought to myself, Hick-it, that sounds like something I’ve heard somewhere... When I figured out what type of music went hick-it, I told my wife. She immediately figured out what song it must be. She was right, and “The Hick-it Song” is still a favorite with the whole family.

Mystery Artist: “The Hick-it Song“